Sezon Na Misia 2
Open season two xlg
Rodzaj Komedia
Scenariusz David I. Stern
Reżyseria Matthew O'Callaghan
Todd Wilderman
Film guide
Sezon Na Misia
Sezon Na Misia 3
Open Season 2 is the 3D direct-to-video sequel to [Season (film)|Open Season] and the second installment in the [Season (franchise)|film series], directed by [O'Callaghan|Matthew O'Callaghan], co-directed by [Wilderman|Todd Wilderman], produced by [Bodyfelt|Kirk Bodyfelt] and Matthew O'Callaghan (executive produced by [Murdocca|Michelle Murdocca] and [Miloro|Andrea Miloro]), and written by [I. Stern|David I. Stern]. It was released on September 24, 2008.

The film stars [McHale|Joel McHale] (replacing [Kutcher|Ashton Kutcher]), [Epps|Mike Epps] (replacing [Lawrence|Martin Lawrence]), [Krakowski|Jane Krakowski], [Cameron|Cody Cameron], [Connolly|Billy Connolly], and [Glover|Crispin Glover].

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